The Flobility Program is a complete total-body training method intended to restore mind-body balance and improve overall strength, mobility, and posture!

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Core Training Made Simple

Through video and audio-guided programming, you'll receive instructions on how to perform exercises step-by-step, including when to increase or decrease your tempo and pace. 

This allows you to focus on your form without distractions–similar to having a personal trainer!

Assessments and Feedback

Our coaches are trained to identify imbalances in mobility and stability during static and dynamic movement. 

Upon enrollment, and throughout your practice, you will have the ability to get your movements and exercises analyzed by our expert coaches who are specifically trained to analyze human biomechanics. This will allow you to receive feedback and tailored programming.

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Rehab Courses in Collaboration with Garrett Naze, PT, PhD, DPT 

Specific issues? Don’t worry, we have rehab programs tailored to address exactly what it is you need help with. The best part about our rehab programs is that they feed directly into the Flobility practice. They are pre-requisite courses for those who want to tackle specific issues before attempting a total-body training practice.


Core Rehab

The lower back and core rehabilitation course covers all the essentials needed to rehab and restore the lumbar spine and pelvis.

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Hip Essentials

The hip essentials course covers all the essentials needed to rehab and restore lower extremity issues including the hip and pelvic floor, knee, ankle, and foot.

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