Are you struggling to improve your posture? Have you considered that your specific issues could be the result of a more large scale structural imbalance? 

Efficient and visually striking postures require a lengthening and decompression of the spine; all of the central issues that correspond with poor posture directly relate back to spinal health (even if they manifest in the ribs, shoulders, neck, etc).


Therefore, our system is designed to address the systematic issues that underly poor posture, not only correcting your specific imbalances, but also leaving you with a structural foundation that is significantly less prone to future issues.

These systematic changes are also visually compelling: Opening the hips and stabilizing the lumbar spine leads to more muscular glutes and a more slender midsection; Decompressing the upper spine rectifies kyphotic posture and adds width to the shoulders and back and length in the neck.


All of this amounts  confidence in the way your body looks, and its ability to perform.