The First Month of Flobility

The First Two Weeks

Looking back, the first two weeks of doing Flobility were the most difficult by far. Even though I had finally signed up, I still was not 100% sold on it. As someone who is knowledgeable in a lot of different subjects and areas in life, having to be a beginner in learning something new was absolute torture. The last 3-4 years, fitness was a big part of my life and it was an area where a lot of people would come to me for advice about. So, to hear that everything I had thought and preached was “wrong” and “not good for my body”, knocked the wind right out of me. At first, I got defensive and annoyed. Jordan would send me pictures of celebrities or influencers who had the body I was working towards and I was still convinced they got those from weight lifting. I would argue until I was blue in the face that the only reason they got that booty was from doing heavy deadlifting or squatting. Then, a state of sadness came over me. How did I never question what the fitness world was pounding into everyone’s brains? How was I brainwashed by the fitness industry for so long?

In the beginning of Flobility, Jordan prescribes a lot of breath work as this is the foundation for every single movement and exercise you will do. Knowing what I know now, it makes complete sense. However, try telling that to someone who swore by throwing around heavy weights that now they were just going to be laying on the ground breathing as their “workout”. I ended up finding out though that proper breathing is actually incredibly difficult. Something that I had never paid attention to or worked on, but is the groundwork for everything, I sucked at. How embarrassing. Frustration was definitely an ongoing theme during those first two weeks. Part of me felt I had done too much damage and it would require too much work for me to undo all of these bad habits I had learned over the last 26 years. Another part of me questioned if I would ever see any progress.

The last thing, that I don’t think is talked about, is transitioning to working out through an app. The idea of being able to workout wherever and whenever, seems great at first, however it takes a lot of getting used to. The first couple of workouts I did, I remember it took me about 2-3 hours to get through the full series of exercises. I would have to rewatch the videos a couple of times to remember what cues I was supposed to be thinking about. I also had to get used to setting up my phone, taping myself, and cowering while I watched back the film. I have always hated hearing or watching myself in videos, so add on the sound of me trying to exhale to blow out a house fire and you got yourself a submission to ‘America’s Most Cringe Worthy Videos’. But, I had to push aside those negative thoughts to actually analyze and critique what I was doing in the videos. As I became more familiar with the cues and knowledge of the exercises, the videotaping became way easier and now is second nature to me.

The Ego Hates Flobility

All of the hurdles I had to jump over in the beginning had one common theme, which is the ego. Our egos are made up of a web of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that we identify with or relate to. It works to maintain what is and absolutely hates change.

Some of the challenges my ego faced:

1. What I considered a “good workout”

  • I had always associated a “good workout” with how sore I was and how fast paced the workout was. Since the foundation of Flobility is breath work, most of our time in the beginning is spent breathing and slowly going through all of the motions. I was forced to focus on something I had never thought much about and I quickly realized how difficult breathing correctly is.

2. Paying attention to every part of my body

  • My main focus in workouts used to be the number of reps I was doing or how much weight I was lifting. I would fly through workouts and tried to squeeze as much as I could into an hour long session. Flobility challenged me by forcing me to be completely present, diligently focus on my breathing/core engagement throughout every exercise, and to enhance my mind/body connection.

3. Environment change

  • Exercise classes/personal training include positive affirmations from the trainer(s) and being surrounded by others who are also working out. Without realizing, we rely on these to feed our ego. Doing Flobility, through the app, required me to become my own cheerleader and focus more on thinking about what I was feeling, without being distracted by external stimuli.

4. Patience

  • The reason I had hip tightness and joint pain was because my foundation was not strong. I was learning that in order to move on to anything else or add more exercises, the foundation needed to be robust. This required me to slow down, live in the moment, and be patient with the process.

With all of these changes, it makes sense why my ego was freaking out. It was trying to seek out what it was familiar with, however nothing was familiar. Flobility required me to come to terms with the fact that my prior fitness beliefs were limiting me and to release these judgements. This was the very beginning of me realizing this program was not only training my body back to its original blueprint, but it was also rewiring my subconscious mind.

Thoughts after Four Weeks

It was not until I took progress pictures at my four week mark that I noticed how much my body was already changing physically. Looking in a mirror, I didn’t think much of my body during those first couple of weeks, however once I put the pictures next to my pre-Flobility pictures, I was shocked. My quad muscles were significantly smaller, my hips were opening more, Glute Medius was slightly pronounced, my overall butt was lengthening, etc.

Mentally, I was a completely different person. All of the skepticism and negativity had gone out the door. I had come to terms with the bad habits I had learned over the years and was grateful that I found Flobility when I did. I was thinking about the exercises and cues all of the time. For the first time ever, I was self-aware of my body constantly, whether I was sitting at my computer working or walking my dog. If I had seen this much progress in just four weeks, I knew I had no idea what was about to come.

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