Taking the plunge into Flobility

Hi Flobility family! My name is Natalie and I am writing this blog post as the first entry to a new blog series where I am going to be sharing my experience doing the Flobility program. My journey started almost four months ago, however these first couple of posts will be backtracking to talk about everything I experienced in the first couple of weeks and months. I will be going into depth about the various physical, mental, and emotional changes I encountered along the way. To give you some context on my journey, it is important that I share with you my background and what led me to this amazing program.

Life before Flobility

Growing up, I was always very active. I participated in a variety of different sports, however dance was the one I fell in love with. My years of dancing turned into me being on both my high school and collegiate dance teams. Both teams specialized in pom as the style of dance, but we also did jazz, kick and hip-hop. High school dance, especially, was very intense in terms of how much we practiced and the nature of our practices. Countless hours of skill drills, doing the routines to build endurance & sitting in our splits took a huge toll on my body. I constantly had to push through pulled hamstrings and relentlessly tight hips.

After college, my post-dancing career began. As a financial analyst who sits for 8-9 hours a day, I realized I had to start working out to keep myself in shape. I always had a petite, but athletic body frame with absolutely no hips. Running and cardio were absolute burdens to me, so I decided to start lifting weights. I still had my endless hip pain and tightness, however it was now complimented by my whole body being constantly sore from weight training.

While weight lifting, I never paid attention to how my body felt because I was only concerned about how my figure looked overall and how much weight I could throw around. I followed fitness influencers on Instagram that all had the physique I was working towards: big glutes, shoulders down and back, open chest, pronounced collar bones, a six pack, big quads, hip dips, etc. I believed to the core that the only way to grow muscles was to lift super heavy. Every workout I was either increasing the amount of weight, adding a resistance band, or increasing the number of reps I did to keep challenging my body. I would look in the mirror and see my butt getting bigger, which only motivated me to keep increasing weight and doing more leg days. To say I was loyal to weight lifting would be an understatement.

Three years later, in March 2020, the COVID pandemic takes over and my days of going to the gym are temporarily over. I remember freaking out knowing I no longer had access to weights. I feared that I would lose my physique if I was not lifting weights. The influencers I followed would post home workouts, but they were not cutting it for me. This led me to discovering the Flobility Instagram page.

On the fence

I began watching Jordan’s Instagram like a hawk. To say I was wildly curious and intrigued would be an understatement. On the other hand, I had tons of different thoughts running through my head as I was watching his videos and reading his posts.

Some examples of the various thoughts I had:

• “What the F*** is he doing?”

• “Who works out without weights?”

• “What part of the body am I supposed to be looking at here?”

• “That is a crazy pose!”

• “He had a good body before, I don’t understand what changed.”

• “As a female, why would I want to look like ConorMcGregor?”

• “Why does he care so much about the “lumbar spine”?

• “How did his waist go down 5 sizes without any change in his diet?”

For anyone that has stumbled across his page, I am sure you can relate to at least one of these thoughts. I began randomly messaging Jordan hoping I could pick his brain about Flobility. Honestly, I could not grasp the fact that these concepts he was preaching went against everything I had learned from the “fitness world”. For so long I had idealized the physique of influences who lifted heavy weights and did HIIT workouts. To me, their bodies were the epitome of perfection. I also could not understand what the end goal was if it was not fat loss or lifting super heavy weights. After a couple of weeks though, I had my “aha!” moment during one of our discussions. I was pestering him with more questions and he finally said, “Just do it for three weeks and if you do not see any results or hate it, you can quit." In my head, I told myself the gyms were still closed, so I was not losing out on valuable weight lifting time anyways. What could I lose? My type A personality was sold.  

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