flobility program

An online fitness program designed to deliver systematic steps in restoring posture and natural movement patterns.

Where flobility works when others have failed

The Flobility system revolves around one central pursuit - retraining movement of the spine

We all have a primary point from which we anchor our movement. Ideally, that anchor would lie at the base of the pelvis (the sitz bones), allowing us to initiate movement from the hip. 

Dont take our word for it

hear what our students say

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    Financial Analyst

    Starting Flobility was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Each week I get stronger and peel back another layer to this comprehensive and brilliant system.

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    Professional Volleyball Player

    Flobility has changed my life. I have mobility and flow throughout my entire body. We keep it simple and focus on how our bodies should move, resulting in quickness, agility and explosiveness.


    Personal Trainer

    Virtually learning from Jordan has improved my life, the way I think/feel and move. Now I can see everything with a new and better perspective. I am excited looking forward.



    Flobility has gotten me virtually pain free and allowed me to play 2-3 hours of tennis daily.

  • LILY


    Through a lot of hard work, my pain filled body is being transformed into a happy healthy body. For the first time in my life I have abdominals doing their job! I am extremely thankful for Jordan! 



    I went from having constant tension in my hips and lower back to feeling virtually stress free, and the improvements I'm making to my posture are super motivating!

gravity is a response to geometry.

-Albert Einstein 

What you get

Fitness app (IOS or Android)

In-home / No Tools Required

60 minutes average per day

Detailed week by week, 12-stage programming including:

  • Systematic postural restoration

  • Core rehabilitation

  • Hamstring series

  • Glute series

  • Adductor series

  • TVA series

  • Lateral hip series

  • Thoracic spine mobility series

  • Ankle mobility series

  • Shoulder mobility series

  • Soft tissue release

  • Exercise library (100+ exercises)

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Gain access to our private Flobility community page

Exclusive content not shared publicly

Get help from Flobility coaches through video analysis, direct feedback, and weekly live broadcasts

Join hundreds of others just like you working together to better themselves


Q. How often should I do the miniseries?

A. It can be done daily!


Q. How does the miniseries compare to the Flobility program?

A. The miniseries is only 5% of the amount of content that is in the entire Flobility program.


Q. Can I still do my other training methods?

A. Yes, you can supplement this training for core work and prehab work (maintenance). But, if your goals are to change your posture and/or movement patterns, focusing solely on Flobility training is highly suggested.

Q. How long does it take?

A. Just as any practice, the more consistent you are, the quicker you will see results. Everyone is different in how they progress. No one is good when they start, which is why it is important to trust the process and be patient. Once you begin feeling improvements it becomes very addictive and fun!


Q. Where can I find information about Pillar Principles?

A. There is currently no available literature. My number one suggestion would be Anatomy Trains by Tom Myer.




Core training that prevents/reduces the severity of bodily injuries before they occur.


Focus on increasing hip mobility and thoracic spine mobility.


Efficient core training that increases your stability and overall strength.


Learn exercises that decompress your joints leaving you feeling great.


Prioritize increasing the strength level and relationship between the rib cage and pelvis.

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