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Flobility in-home core workout

step 1: release Glute medius (2-4 minutes)

step 2: diaphragmatic breathing (15 breaths)

step 3: diaphragmatic breathing Movement (15 reps)

step 4: diaphragmatic breathing loaded (15 breaths)

step 5: active breathing (15 breaths)

step 6: Leg Kicks (10-12)

step 7: Active breathing movement (apnea)

step 8: Active breathing loaded (apnea)

step 9: Heel taps (apnea)

step 10: Shoulder roll-up (until failure)

step 11: Side plank (hold until failure each side)

step 12: Shoulder-roll up  (until failure)

[should feel better than first one]

step 13: glute bridge (10-12)

step 14: hindu squat (6-8 reps)

HIIT: Glute flow series

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Q. How often should I do the miniseries?

A. It can be done daily!

Q. How does the miniseries compare to the Flobility program?

A. The miniseries is only 5% of the amount of content that is in the entire Flobility program.

Q. Can I still do my other training methods?

A. Yes, you can supplement this training for core work and prehab work (maintenance). But, if your goals are to change your posture and/or movement patterns, focusing solely on Flobility training is highly suggested.

Q. How long does it take?

A. Just as any practice, the more consistent you are, the quicker you will see results. Everyone is different in how they progress. No one is good when they start, which is why it is important to trust the process and be patient. Once you begin feeling improvements it becomes very addictive and fun!

Q. Where can I find information about Pillar Principles?

A. There is currently no available literature. My number one suggestion would be Anatomy Trains by Tom Myer.

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