Before You Do Another Core Exercise, Read This...

Nov 01, 2022

Before finding Flobility, there was a very specific way I trained the “core”. In fact, this specific way I initiated training my core was a MUST before I started the actual exercise I was about to perform. This way was smashing my lower back into the ground. Also known as flattening the spine into the ground, tucking the pelvis or any other variation of this technique was how I initiated my “core” training. 

Yes, I TOO did that. That's all I knew. I was taught this cue as a trainer. And the trainer who taught me was taught that. So before I go into this blog, I am not raising my nose in the air, scoffing at you and saying:

GREAT HEAVENS… you smash your lower back into the ground for core training?? NONSENSE!”

Who would I be if I judged you for something I too did?


That cue is everywhere. Every core exercise you see online will tell you to do that. Every app. Every YouTube video, I know you’ve seen it. 

Then there’s some random person on the internet on a blog saying, hold up, pump the brakes. Let’s rethink this.

I can understand your skepticism. 

So I’m not trying to convince you to stop smashing your lower back into the ground, I’m simply showing you an alternative. That’s exactly how I was shown this different way. I was not guilt tripped into trying this different way.

Basically, Jordan was like, have you tried this? He didn’t make me feel bad that I was smashing my lower back into the ground for my core training. He didn’t make me feel stupid, because he with me, like I with you, empathized with my situation.

And again, I myself was skeptical too, but I couldn’t argue with how he moved, his knowledge and his mobility (all things I wanted for my own body). He not only knew what he was speaking, he could DO what he was speaking about. 

So I gave it a shot. And wow, after the first time feeling that burn in my lower core (lower abdomen), I was blown away. I didn’t want to do anything else. All I’d felt before was my upper abs and hip flexors burning like crazy. I’d never felt this sensation before (a precedent for how Flo has helped me feel so many new things in my body).

And with a simple change of sequencing that he laid out in his app, I was able to feel something different. 

Something new…

And it didn’t involve using my lower back AT ALL

It involved positioning my body in a certain way and then using my breath to lock in that position. 

And that’s when it happened. 

That’s when I felt that burn in my lower core. 

So how exactly do you do it? How do you train your core? How do you start?

I invite you to go to our homepage and enter your email address to get a few beginning tips to help you understand these concepts a bit more (there’s a free workout in there too!).

If you’d like a deeper (more scientific) explanation behind core training, I invite you to read this blog I wrote as well: The Best Way To Improve Core Stability 

If you'd like a video on understanding core stability/ core training better, check this out: 

Before You Do Another Core Exercise Watch This

But ultimately, you gotta pull the trigger. Grabbing the app is the best way to learn as Jordan breaks down every single component of how to train your core and integrate it with your body to build unprecedented strength and mobility. 

Best thing is once you get in and start to learn, I can personally help you. Because I remember what it was like when I first started this stuff. When I first started learning Flobility. I want you to feel that strength and presence of core stability in your body the way I feel it in my body everyday. This simple change of not smashing my lower back into the ground was the catalyst to SO much change in my body. 

You can checkout my Instagram to see the changes I’m talking about here: karonxflo

If you have any questions on anything you read just now or on the blog I linked, my email box is open. Shoot me an email: [email protected] and I’d be happy to help answer any questions you have.


Written by: Karon Hawkins

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