60 Day Challenge


A 60 Day Challenge For All Levels To Succeed

FloCamp helped Mary achieve discipline in her practice and ultimately create the foundation for her growth within it!


A Chance To Make Powerful Connections with In-Person Training

Monika came out to Utah for the in-person retreat and left knowing exactly how to approach her training and with a whole new perpsective!


Individual Attention Even in a Group Setting

Our coaches helped Quinn breakthrough plateaus and continue to thrive in her Flobility practice!


"From the first Flobility class I felt my lower abs for the first time and they were actually sore the next day. I was shocked at how quickly with Flobility I was able to access a part of my body that was basically sleeping before."


"I am moving better...I used to run track, lift weights, do triathlons and whatever you could think of, but my body feels so much better at 56 from doing this"


"The community element gave me plenty of motivation, both from the camp and the Facebook page. You guys are top notch trainers with a good product. I did enjoy the camp, the more progressive approach to the classes helped my development for both understanding the why and my physical development which was what I was hoping for"


"For me FloCamp has been a great experience! I really feel blessed being able to be a part of the first one ever... There was an added value to having the coaches address us personally when we were able to make it to the group classes. It adds a different feel to it and makes it different from the academy group classes"


4 1-Hour Digital Group Classes per week

Classes are kept small to ensure individual attention and cueing. Flexible scheduling on a weekly basis.

Macronutrient Guide & Hours of Nutritional Content

Combining improvements in our performance with improvements in our nutrition to optimize your results.

In-Person Retreat in San Diego

3 Days. 4 Workouts. A chance to receive complimentary in-person training from Flo Coaches. Content packaged after. 

Flobility 60 Day Challenge